Researched, conceptualised, designed and handcrafted in India, made for the world.

We are here to take you on an endlessly aesthetic journey, rich with legacy, tradition and craftsmanship coupled with an unorthodox approach on design & production.

Be it luxurious bedding, bespoke cushions & throws, extravagant table linen or anything that spells home fashion, Ratan Textiles is at the forefront.

Explore thoughtfully created, customised, diverse & contemporary options in home fashion with us..


Established in 1985, and still growing, we are always struck with the bug to keep on trying new things. The rich experience of the founding family is being carried forward translating into slick and contemporary designs under the leadership of the third generation. Sticking to our roots and our traditions, we do not shy away from experimenting with the desires of the market, creating our own trends.

We aim to set global benchmarks with our quality standards not compromising on using sustainable and traditional arts such as hand-block, hand-screen and digital screen printing to our advantage. With us, the journey has always just begun.

We are a socially accountable manufacturer and exporter of the finest home textiles and continue to successfully cater to several international buyers. Our facilities provide a livelihood to many skilled artisans and continually comply with various global certifications and standards with sustainability at the core of all things.



All the waste water from our processes goes through our water-purification plants, and the recycled water is re-used for other processes.

Our factories are equipped with solar panels & largely run on clean energy.


We employ sustainable & environment-friendly methods of hand-block, hand screen and digital printing which require little to no energy.

More practises include employing the use of natural fabrics, sustainable dyes, and processing the fabric using environment friendly methods.


Our upcycling team constantly thinks of innovative ways to use the fabrics, rejects, discards, leftover materials and paper scraps.

We innovate the scraps into beautiful, new & useful upcycled home products.